Anti-Racism Resolution for Bristol, CT

Anti-Racism Resolution for Bristol, CT

July 11, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Camie Lopez

Please help us unite in our diversity and support the Bristol Anti-Racism Resolution in its original spirit and strength. I am advocating for transparency in our city so that we can actively address hate groups and protect our community. 

On June 6th, white supremacy recruitment fliers were littered throughout the streets of Bristol, CT which were picked up by multiple residents and officials. Complaints were made to officers who began investigating. That week we reached out to the Mayor's Office to voice our concerns but they didn't want to comment on it. They believed it would spread more attention to the group. We asked that he just make a simple statement to condemn white supremacy in our town and reassure citizens but he would not. 

At the June 14, 2022 we spoke up at the City Council meeting about our concerns during the public forum. (This is publicly filmed: We were pushed off to a meeting on July 5th and agreed to not hold a rally the next day in good faith that we were going to be making progress moving forward. 

On July 5th we came prepared to discuss next steps, ideas and provided everyone present with our resolution to sign. The mayor said he was unable to sign it without approval from City Council so we would have to wait for the meeting on July 12th. 

Mayor Jeff Caggiano began the city council meeting by making a verbal statement instead of having the resolution put up to a vote and signed. The statement took segments of the resolution but did not address our call to action. You can view the meeting here:

EVERYONE deserves to feel safe and supported. Please sign the petition to show our city that their residents support the resolution. There is no room for hate in "Bristol All Heart."

It's important to note that since February 2022,  19 Connecticut towns have been targeted. If other Connecticut residents would like to sign for their town, they are welcome. We are stronger united.


The Anti-Racism Resolution text: 


WHEREAS, we understand that our communities, our city, and our lives are enriched by diversity free from hate and segregation; and 

WHEREAS, we are all safer when each member of our community is secure in their body and mind; and 

WHEREAS, we hold each life sacred, regardless of race, color, ancestry, national origin, religious creed, immigration status, sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, age, or disability; and 

WHEREAS, we will not be held hostage by racist fear-mongering which seeks to infect the minds of our neighbors with the notion that they will not be welcome in their very homes; and 

WHEREAS, we will not stay silent and without action in the face of increasing racist and bigoted rhetoric and violence; and 

WHEREAS, we understand the important role local and state governments and agencies have in defeating hatred and insecurity; and 

WHEREAS, we understand that the defeat of racism and bigotry will not come tomorrow after centuries of struggle, but rather it is an ongoing struggle which will meet a finite end; 

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, we denounce white supremacy, racism, hatred, and bigotry in all of its forms. We resolve to act in our personal and official capacities to ensure the safety and prosperity of all of our neighbors, regardless of superficial divisions. We resolve to support diversity programs in the City of Bristol which celebrate the lives of people of color and their accomplishments in the City of Bristol and around the world. We resolve to ensure there are programs in the City of Bristol which inform residents of their rights and available services. We resolve to ensure our children are free from racism and bigotry in their education, and are taught to love without fear. We resolve to make the City of Bristol, and every place we step a better place for all people. 


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Signatures: 201Next Goal: 500
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