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MindFreedom International -- MAD PRIDE 2009 NEWS - please forward


MindFreedom reports on Mad Pride '09 celebrations throughout the 
world, including Ireland, New York, Toronto, Oregon and others.

Heard of Gay Pride?

MAD PRIDE celebrates everyone's "creative maladjustment" as Martin 
Luther King, Jr. so often proudly described his own psychological state.

Every month is Mad Pride Month, but especially July!

The 2009 Mad Pride celebration in Toronto will be a whole week long. 
The celebration in Ghana last year had over 6,000 people. But small or 
large, all Mad Pride events count!


This is a perfect time to brainstorm your own Mad Pride event. 
National media are more interested than ever in MAD PRIDE. On 15 July, 
a national TV news show is interviewing MindFreedom director David 
Oaks for a later special segment on MAD PRIDE, stay tuned!

Mad Pride events in 2009 come on the heels of two major media articles 
over this past year on Mad Pride: One was in Newsweek in May 2009 --
. Last May there was even a Mad Pride article in the "Fashion" section 
of The New York Times -- Mad's in 

Last month, Canadian radio station CHLY did a four-segment special on 
MAD PRIDE, including an interview with Ruth Ruth, chair of the 
MindFreedom International Mad Pride Campaign Committee. To listen to 
the four interviews, free, click here:


OREGON: Mad Pride events continue this July with MindFreedom Mad Pride 
at the Oregon Country Fair outside of Eugene, Oregon, USA. You can 
participate in MindFreedom Mad Pride skits and talent show every day 
at this year's Oregon Country Fair, in the Community Village Stage 
Green at 3 pm. Singer/songwriter David Rogers will be one of the 
treats. Learn to screen for normality from David Oaks, director of 
MFI! Bring your Mad Pride talent to the stage (watch out for the tap 
dancing eight year old)! For more info click here:
   (By the way, because of OCF, there will be no MindFreedom Web Radio 
on second Sat. of July. Next show on 8 August will have Mad Pride 
reports. Watch MindFreedom News for details)

NORTH CAROLINA: The other side of the USA then answers with The Second 
Annual Mad Pride Asheville, North Carolina, sponsored by MindFreedom 
International and Asheville Homeless Network. The event will be held 
on July 11, 2009 from 1 pm to 5 pm at the Old Magnolia Tree in City-
County Plaza. Info:

NEW YORK: In Albany, NY, survivors of electroshock and their allies 
sponsor a protest of use of electroshock on children. On Bastille Day, 
Tuesday, July 14, 2009, protesters speak out on the East Lawn of the 
Capitol Building (at State and Eagle Streets) for most of a 24-hour 
period, from 9 AM - 2 PM and 5 PM - 9 AM. (Bastille Day has been a 
traditional day of protest by psychiatric survivors for decades, at 
the suggestion of MindFreedom member Myra Kovary, thus leading to the 
designation of July as Mad Pride month!) Info:

TORONTO: Mad Pride is coming to Toronto! Again! The City of Toronto 
has officially proclaimed July 13 to 19, 2009 as Mad Pride Week! This 
is a week long festival of free arts, education and heritage 
activities which engages in community development, raises rights 
awareness and celebrates the lives of persons who have been impacted 
by the mental health system. The official opening is on Tuesday July 
14 at 11 am with The Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, The Honourable 
David Onley, Ontario Human Rights Chief Commissioner Barbara Hall,   
Member of Provincial Parliament Cheri Dinovo, Toronto City Councillor 
Gord Perks,  and other invited guests. Week long activities will raise 
awareness using various forums from panel discussions to theatrical 

Mad Pride Toronto Organizers have booked Metro Hall Rotunda at 55 John 
Street from Tuesday, July 14 to Friday, July 18th to showcase the 
great and MAD community. They have a parade permit so we can count on 
our traditional BED PUSH Parade on Saturday, July 18th from CAMH to 
PARC. This is one of many cultural events, check their web site for 
updates. Toronto is the home of Friendly Spike Theater, a sponsor 
group in MindFreedom and where Ruth Ruth does much of her culture 
work. Info on Toronto Mad Pride see:
  If you search for Mad Pride on YouTube, you'll find videos of 
Toronto's past Mad Pride events.

EUGENE: In Eugene, Oregon, get some Mad Pride going with the Green 
Your Mind Summer Film Series free movies about changing the mental 
health system, co-sponsored by MindFreedom International! The next one 
is "Take These Broken Wings," about full recovery without psychiatric 
drugs after a diagnosis of "schizophrenia." See:


A few of the Mad Pride 2009 events that have been held this year 
already include:

IRELAND: Mad Pride Cork, Fitzgerald's Park, June 7th 2009: Mad Pride 
Ireland was amazed by the crowds who turned out for the Mad Pride 
Ireland event in 2008, and in 2009 organizer/poet John McCarthy kept 
the mad vision alive, despite what we hear was some rain. Info:

SAN FRANCISCO: Independent Living Resource Center San Francisco, a 
sponsor group in MindFreedom International, has completed their Mad 
Pride Mad Hatter competition. The challenge was to "make a hat -- the 
'madder' the better." Mad competitors used whatever they had at your 
disposal: found objects, recycled objects, buttons, cloth, paper ... 
the limits only existed in their imagination. The only rule was: "HAVE 
FUN". Maybe your community group could hold a Mad Hatter competition? 
To check out this year's event see:

MINDFREEDOM YOUTH COMMITTEE members were featured in an interview 
about the mental health system and youth in the new issue of the youth 
publication WIRETAP. To read the interview go here:

DIRECTORY: Of course, those reading MindFreedom news know that 
everyone declaring, on the Fourth of July, Mental Independence from 
Inhumane Mental Health Care by launching the MindFreedom Directory of 
Alternatives was a Mad Pride event! For info on the new directory, 
especially for providers who wish to list their mental health service, 

ALBERTA: Another recent event that qualified as "Mad Pride" earlier 
this year was a conference titled "ARE WE ALL MAD? Critical 
Perspectives on the Canadian Mental Health System" which was held at 
the University of Alberta, in Edmonton on March 26 & 27, 2009. The 
event was hosted in conjunction with the University of Alberta's 
Faculty of Law and Legal Activist Collective. Info:



How Can I Get Involved in Mad Pride?

Escape the Mad Closet! Speak your mind! Get close! Go deep! And 

Why do YOU think Mad Pride is important? E-mail your quote to
, and you may be quoted by MindFreedom interns Anne and Katina who are 
preparing new Mad Pride literature to distribute internationally. 
(Thanks, Anne, for compiling material for this news release!)

Is your MAD PRIDE event missing from this news item? Then e-mail it in 

And everyone, what MAD PRIDE events will YOU hold over this coming 
year! When? October and May are called Mental Health Months, those are 
nice. But then, so are the other months!

Learn more!

Martin Luther King said repeatedly that the world is in dire need of 
an International Association for the Advancement of Creative 
Maladjustment (IAACM). Many laughed. But Mad Pride makes MLK's IAACM 
vision a reality today! MindFreedom's physician-clown Patch Adams is 
chair of the IAACM. Help make Martin Luther King's dream come true! 
See many quotes by MLK, and see a video clip of him, about "creative 
maladjustment" here:

The MindFreedom MAD PRIDE Campaign folder is also inspirational at:



MindFreedom hosts two free, public e-mail lists, open to all, about 

1) NEWS: MindFreedom is re-starting the MAD PRIDE NEWS LIST. This is 
for occasional one-way news announcements related to MAD PRIDE. If you 
join just one Mad Pride list, this is it! If you get your MAD PRIDE 
event to just one place, this is where!

2) TALK: Chat on a Mad Pride Discussion e-mail list with others who 
are holding, or who want to hold, MAD PRIDE events. Ruth Ruth from 
Canada, John McCarthy from Ireland, Dan from Ghana, they're all there. 
Where are you? Join here free:


PLEASE FORWARD this MAD PRIDE 2009 NEWS far and wide, to all 
interested people on and off Internet!



On a sad but resilient note, MindFreedom received news today that long-
time member, supporter, dissident psychologist, author, diagnosed 
"schizophrenic," and psychiatric survivor Al Siebert, PhD of Portland, 
Oregon died after a long illness, at the age of 75. Al was widely 
considered, including by many 9/11 survivors, to be a foremost leader 
on resiliency. Al considered a diagnosis of "schizophrenia" to be a 
sign that one may be more resilient than "normal." It was not well 
known that Al had, as a grad student, been diagnosed schizophrenic and 
escaped from his psychiatric institution. He went on to a long and 
successful career as psychologist, lecturer and author.

To read Al's obituary see, and find a link to a MindFreedom interview 
with Al, see:

Thank you, Al Siebert!



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