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Stop the Philly Carve-Out. Support Ride-Share Legalization.

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While the rest of Pennsylvania's cities are on the verge of getting high-quality new taxi and paratransit services, the Philadelphia Parking Authority wants to keep Philly's taxi system in the Dark Ages.

This fall, Pittsburgh's reformer Mayor Bill Peduto and progressive allies in Harrisburg, like Reps. Erin Molchany, Ed Gainey, Philly's own Brian Sims, and Senator Wayne Fontana successfully pushed a bill onto the agenda that would legalize and regulate ride-sharing services like UberX, Lyft, and Sidecar, which have been gaining popularity in cities around the country.

The clock ran out on the fall legislative session, so the push will continue into next year, but a version of Senator Fontana's bill seems likely to pass.

Not surprisingly, old-school taxi barons are losing their minds.

This week Alex Friedman, the president of the PA Taxi Association and general manager of Checker Cab and All City (who together own half the city's taxis), whined to the Philadelphia Parking Authority board that his new competitor UberX is "exactly the same menace" as terrorist group ISIS.

But rather than laughing him out of the room, the PPA is springing to his defense, and lobbying furiously to protect the government-granted privileges of kingpins like Friedman.

They want to carve Philadelphia out of any statewide deal legalizing the services.

Incredibly, cities like Pittsburgh, Allentown, and Lancaster would enjoy higher quality taxi services than Philadelphia - PA's largest and most dynamic city - while we remain a clubby backwater run for the benefit of a handful of Good Ol' Boys.

This ridiculous idea has amazingly been gaining traction, and could become our reality if Philadelphia lawmakers don't start hearing from voters that we don't want to be left behind in the 20th century. Philadelphians depend on taxis more than any other city in the state and we know ride-share services will provide us with greater transit options, quality, choice and competition.

Young progressive Rep. Brian Sims has our back, but he needs our help to kill the carve-out that singles our city out of new ride-share options. Tell our representatives that you support Senate Bill 1457, sponsored by Wayne Fontana, and the companion House bill HB 2468 by John Maher and that Philadelphians want ride-share too!

Sign the petition, email it to your friends, and share it on social media until the rest of the Philadelphia delegation starts supporting ride-share like Sims.

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