Bite policy at Hempstead is deceptive...release Pickles now

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The dog bite policy at TOHAS is deceiving.  Any incident that draws blood even if it is an accident is automatically labeled a "bite case." This puts the dog in danger by being labeled a bite risk where the dog is then isolated for 10 days and his hidden away in a stinky damp kennel away from human contact.  The dog reverts back to being un-house broken, un-socialized and misses out on the opportunity for adoption and this is now a strike against the dog.

Case in point Pickles who accidently clipped the lip of a handler at TOHAS and drew blood was instantly labeled a bite case in spite of the comments from volunteers that it was an accident because the dog got excited and jumped up.  Mike Pastore has labeled Pickles a bite risk.  TOHAS should have a clear bite policy and not Mike Pastore's version of one to save the shelter from risk of a law suit. 

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