Complete Ban and Total Disarmament of Biological and Chemical Weapons

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Humanity has never faced any challenge greater than COVID-19 since World War II. The pandemic arrived when we were unprepared with our frameworks to prevent such a crisis from happening. It came at a time when countries were busy in the race of building nuclear arms, developing new weapon technologies, and putting more resources into militaries and related logistics than at any time in the past. In the 75-year history of the United Nations, the mistake of seeking security in vastly destructive armories has never been clearer, nor has it put an end to this deadly addiction.

Looking ahead, the COVID-19 pandemic will test us all. Like World War II, it will transform our world in unforeseeable ways. But the silver lining is that unlike the proceedings of that horrific war as well trials after that, all of us are on the same side in this crisis.

The Biological Weapons Convention (BWC) came into effect in 1975, with 183 member countries. The convention calls for a prohibition on the development, production, and stockpiling of weapons with origins in any biological material and/or toxins. Let’s take this opportunity to call upon all States’ Parties to the BWC to recommit themselves to effective implementation of the convention and full compliance with it. 

Let’s put an entirely legally binding protocol with a non-discriminatory verification mechanism to strengthen standards for dealing with biological weapons ahead of the ninth Review Conference of the Convention in 2021. Let us pursue a world free of all biological and chemical weapons.

It is to this collective aspiration, that we present, on behalf of 65,000+ students and staff of Dr. Vishwanath Karad MIT World Peace University (WPU), and the World Peace Dome, Pune, India, the Clarion Call to:

1. Issue a letter to all the security council members and powerful nations of the world for ‘ A Complete Ban and Total Disarmament of Biological and Chemical Weapons, and a Complete Ban and Stoppage to any Further Research Trials and Development and Development of the same.

2. To urgently call upon a special meeting of the security council and allied members of powerful nation-states to ensure full and effective implementation of the biological weapons convention. 

Come on, India. Let’s rise above our own needs and be selfless. We can’t stand together physically but we can do so in spirit and if we don’t come together now, things will get worse in the future. Hence, we would urge you to sign this petition and help us. Join us today!