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Fire Megan Garner - Anson County Animal Shelter

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See this puppy? Her name was Shayla and she was killed today. We don't normally post stories like this and we strongly support and defend most of the animal shelters that we work with. The acting management at Anson County Animal Shelter has shown us that they are not one of those shelters.

Last week, Shayla and her siblings were surrendered to the shelter. While being mishandled (essentially while dangling from a lead) and picked up by the scruff of the rump, one of the siblings bit the kennel worker. It was not Shayla that did the biting. The puppies were safe in rescue care until Anson County workers showed up at the foster's home to confiscate the biter puppy for a bite quarantine. It is standard practice in the state of North Carolina to hold an unvaccinated animal in bite quarantine for 10 days post bite. We had no issue with that. The only problem is that they identified the wrong sibling. The shelter employees were made aware that it was the wrong puppy and they didn't care, they took Shayla anyway. Rescue advocates have been reaching out to the shelter for the last few days to right this wrong, emailing and calling but there hasn't been any communication back. Instead, the county manager has been communicating threats regarding Shayla and saying she wanted to euthanize her and do a head ship for rabies testing. There were threats made that if the puppy showed any sign of any illness, that they would euthanize for rabies testing. They wanted an excuse to kill her. These puppies are about 4 months old and they were handled with zero compassion and instead with a lot of force. It is not a surprise that one of them reacted with a bite. The more that animal advocates in our area reached out, the more vindictive shelter management seemed to become.

Greater Charlotte SPCA called multiple times to offer help and to offer to work together to get Shayla back to her siblings after the bite quarantine. We also emailed. We were never acknowledged by those who had any decision making authority. We have pulled many shelter animals over the years from our partner shelters after their bite quarantine. Shayla did not have to be euthanized. Her former owner even tried to intervene but with no success. She visited Shayla yesterday and Shayla was still as sweet and as healthy as can be. Interesting how people were allowed to visit and stick their hands in the kennel of such a vicious and potentially rabid puppy, isn't it?

Today, Shayla was euthanized. A totally innocent puppy who didn't even have the opportunity to complete her 10 day bite quarantine because the County Manager decided to be spiteful against passionate animal advocates. That County Manager is Megan Garner (, 
704-994-3200). She's the one who refused to acknowledge us when we tried to reach out to help.

We are asking that you please call/email the Anson County Commissioners and tell them that Shayla's life mattered and ask that Shayla's life be used as an opportunity to save others. We want to make sure no other innocent puppy suffers the same fate under the current County Manager's hands!

Anson County Commissioners:

Or call the clerk to the board at 704-994-3201

To watch the video of Shayla being confiscated, click here:

We cannot bring her back but we can avenge Shayla's unnecessary death.

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