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ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST!!1. President and CEO, Bank of America (Brian Moynihan): Lower my interest asap, stop losing papers,

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Why This Is Important

PAUL GOELTZ is a Local in the hectic San Jose music scene, SJSU grad, veteran USAF and much more.  He also was small business-owner in northern California. From a cookie company to sound rentals/production, all with business accounts at the bank. When the economic downturn hit, I had to go back to my old line of work, now however due to back problems, divorce, disability and mortgage to high.

Why This Is Important

Bank of America for a long time, has taken advantage if the everyday consumer.
Whether it had been with debit card fees or home loans.This is my story.

Thousands of Bank of America customers are loosing their homes! The Bank FAILS to address loan modification properly. It can take months of endless paper chase and false promises from Bank of America to finally give their customers "foreclosure" or "short-sale"as the only option! We would like Bank of America to qualify for "Home Affordable Modification Trial Period" and help lower loan balance which was inflated by $27,000 since it was originally generated by the old loan shark "Country Wide" in 2006

More than 2 years ago, Paul sought a 2 loan refis from Bank of America, who owns his mortgage. He spent months being shuffled from representative to representative, submitting the same paperwork over and over again. The bank finally said that he did not qualify for a loan modification, and asked to apply for the save the house deal from Obama, which the banks have used less the 10%. and its not even there money. its yours the tax payer.
they have still lost papers

PAUL followed the rules, did everything he was asked -- and now he's getting punished for it. (late once)The bank has initiated foreclosure proceedings on her home, and a foreclosure auction could begin in as little as 90 days. i HAVE BEEN A VALUED MEMBER FROM 1985.  But they return no calls, i may not have made the bank as much money as others, i had investments, business accunts, CD, and many other products from the bank.

PAUL is far from the only homeowner who faces these challenges. Every day, big banks give thousands of homeowners the runaround, refusing to grant them a single point of contact and sowing confusion. They don't need special favors -- they just need a fair break.

Bank of America just posted record profits while refusing to treat homeowners like Paul with the fairness these folks deserve. Let them know you won't stand for that.

Send a letter to Bank of America demanding that they stop the foreclosure on PAUL GOELTZ home and work with his to modify his mortgage payments.

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