To stop 64000 trees to be cut in Lucknow for the Defence Expo.

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The level of pollution in Uttar Pradesh is alarming yet Uttar Pradesh state government is planning to cut 64000 trees in Lucknow for the Defence Expo that is sheduled to be held in February,2020.

The rise in air pollution in various cities of Uttar Pradesh like Lucknow and Kanpur is even worse than Delhi. Lucknow stands at 7th and Kanpur at 1st position in the list  of most polluted city in India. Not only that no steps are taken to reduce pollution, the state government is cutting down 64000 trees. Uttar Pradesh is the largest state of India and cutting down of 64000 trees will not only affect  health of citizens of Lucknow but also of the citizens surrounding cities.

Lucknow Development Authority (LDA) has asked Lucknow Nagar Nigam to cut trees from the Hanuman Setu to the Nishatganj bridge to clear the area for the Defence Expo. Lucknow Nagar Nigam suggested that the  the trees can be relocated or grown by the riverside after the Expo. 

The forest department has told that relocating of trees in this season is unfruitful. During this displacement  the trees will most probably die or if the trees are planted at some other location, it will take 10 years for those trees to grow if nurtured properly. Cutting down of trees will  lead to increased carbon dioxide levels, destruction of habitat of animals and locals.

We need to come together in order to save these little  green spaces that are left. Keeping in mind of the climate change it is our desperate need to save and preserve our environment.

Sign this petition so that when the Uttar Pradesh state government sees massive opposition, they will have to relocate Expo to a viable location that doesn't require cutting down of trees, degrading our environment.