Let's remove plastic from food packaging in schools and Supermarkets!!

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Hi all,

I am a teenage boy from Devon and in my local Supermarkets and schools, I find plastic everywhere. The thing that makes me most horrified is plastic packaging around fruit and vegetables. There is no need for it! Why not save money and deliver the food package free. This means that when it comes to people buying it like me, I know that none of it needs to be recycled. In addition, I can take 1 apple instead of taking 4 for example. If you didn't know, 1 truck load of plastic enters our oceans every minute. This is extraordinary! This is a danger to wildlife because they will consume the plastic not knowing what will happen. This will then lead to a long and painful suffering. How would you feel if this happened to someone that you know and love? You wouldn't like it would you! Also, it is bad for our health as smaller fish consume the micro-plastic where it will work it's way up the food chain into our bodies. If this petition wins, we can bring it to the local MP's where they will have to discuss it in Parliament.

So lets speak out against the stores and schools and show them what you want! If you don't want to do it for the animals, do it for your health. Because we don't want our ancestors to have to pick up our mess.

Thank you!