CSC Video Visits

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Correctional Service Canada has started to implement video visits in institutions.   While these may seem to be a great idea as it allows inmates to see their loved ones while talking to them  there is a great amount of concern that this is going to bring on the elimination of contact visits .

While video visits will be beneficial for those who can not visit due to being far away such as over seas, or if they are sick or elderly these type visits would be some what beneficial.  The rise of concern lies in that institutions in the USA started video visits and then contact visits were eliminated. 

Contact visits is what gets families through the tough time of incarceration to have them eliminated would be tragic.  This petition is created to bring awareness and propose that while many are in favor of these visits that a policy be created to ensure that those who are participating and in favor of them do not lose contact visits for everyone else who is against them .  We want to establish something that ensures that contact visits will not be lost for all those that are agreeing to video visits.