Clean and Clear drinking water for Students and Staff

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The available drinking water supply at these schools in Pasadena, MD Anne Arundel County is not palatable. Chesapeake Bay Middle School, High School, Bodkin Elementary, and Fort Smallwood Elementary water is supplied by well water. This water is always discolored, often has floating specs of debris and an odor despite the recent filtration system put in. Students and staff will not drink the water. Students bring their own water to school but have no where to refill it with clear and clean drinkable water. Can you tell the difference in the water in the bottles shown here? Would you drink this water? The discolored water was drawn from the sink at Chesapeake Bay Middle School in Pasadena, MD at the end of the day after 1100+ students and staff washed hands, flushed toilets, and made meals.  Students at the school will tell you to take some water from the morning, it will be more brown. 

This is a health and wellness issue. Water makes up over 60% of our bodies. Centers for Disease Control states even mild dehydration can affect a child's mood and cognitive functioning. It affects the GI, Kidney, Heart, and skin.  It can impair performance and short-term memory, perceptual discrimination, arithmetic ability, visuomotor tracking and psychomotor skills. Staying hydrated is also important for mental health concerns. Anxiety and many other disorders can deplete water from the body and cause electrolyte imbalance that can cause many symptoms from fatigue, headaches, to seizures.

Chesapeake Bay Middle and High School also house the special education Regional Program school for the county. Many students of the Regional program suffer from social and emotional challenges, anxiety and other mental health disorders.  All students and staff at these two schools and the elementary school have the right to have clean and clear drinking water available to them for their health and wellbeing like all other county schools have.

The cost of replenishing water coolers runs about $5 per 5 gallon container of water.  If 50 containers were needed per month, the yearly cost for one school would be about $2,250 per school. That is minimal amount within a $1.17 Billion budget. Our children deserve the same health and wellness afforded to them free of headaches and illnesses, and with the opportunity of increased cognitive ability as other school children in one of the "top school systems in the country". The people of the Pasadena Community demand the county provide funding to continually replenish water coolers with clean and clear palatable drinking water.

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