Save Coco the pit bull

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We are asking for written statement regarding Coco Hilton, any member of his family you may know named below or any concerned citizen that does not want a beautiful and loving animal DESTROYED. Please email all statements to


I am Jessica Hilton the mother of Coco Hilton. My children and I rescued Coco on February 27, 2017 from the SPCA. His given name was Dasher, like the reindeer since he was born on Christmas day. He was a 13th birthday present for my son but truth be told he has always been my dog. We watch TV together in our lazy boy every weekend; he really likes cop shows the best. He sleeps with me every night and we went camping quite a bit last summer. . Coco is never more than 2 feet from me when I’m home. I was at work on April 4, 2018, when this accident happened; maybe if I was home it may have been different. Anyone that has ever met Coco will tell you how sweet and cuddly he is. He’s never attacked anyone, EVER.


According to County Code 12-4-402 also known as Lilo’s law - link below:

My 15 month old puppy has been detained by Anne Arundel County Animal Control under a mandatory quarantine and now has progressed to a County issued, Vicious Order- which is punishable ONLY by EUTHANIZATION (Having my dog destroyed).  All eye witness accounts of this accident show that my pup was obliviously and was merrily enjoying his moments of freedom, after breaking his harness and slipping his choke chain during a walk, when his attention was caught by the dog located behind an unlatched fence around the corner from my home. I am in no way blaming the other dog- breed Chihuahua, she was doing her job and protecting her yard however it should be considered that my dog in no way was pursuing this dog or approaching this animal posed for attack; he was running by the other dog, after running past a little girl on a skateboard and a chicken coop.


The dog was barking at Coco and caught his attention, Coco went back to the fence to investigate as stated, he had run past; when the other dog bit at him through the gate. Coco took a stroll down the side yard before returning to the gate and pawing it open because the chain on the gate was not affixed and therefore unsecured. At that time the dogs began to scrum. My partner and son who were immediately in pursuit of Coco jumped in between the dogs and separated them. Coco complied with all commands given to him while in possession of owners while the other dog continued to pursue him.


Coco was immediately quarantined and the other dog was taken to the vet for stitches. My family has paid for all of the other dogs medical expenses and follow up, for this unfortunate accident. My family conducts a weekly check on the other dog to ensure she healing well. The other family has wished Coco well and there is no animosity among the families- only forgiveness and acceptance of the incident.  Coco is a member of our family and we take responsibility for our family members. We will do what is necessary to ensure everyone’s safety including Coco’s. Please help us to free Coco and save his LIFE! Prayers are requested for all involved.

Graciously signed, Jess Hilton, Aaron Scott Voorhees, Paul Hilton, Cece Hilton, and Shawna Tucker Dog Hilton!

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