Reconsider spending $40mil on a new greyhound racing complex in Ipswich.

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The Palaszczuk Government has committed $40 million towards the building of a new greyhound racing complex near Ipswich, claiming it will revitalise and transform the industry.

“It is devastating news and a retrograde step for the future of greyhounds. Australia is one of only eight countries in the world where greyhounds still race, and die in large numbers and under unacceptable conditions”.

“These animals are bred for no other purpose than to race and win. Every year in Australia approximately 20,000 greyhound pups are born with the sole purpose of making their owner money. Up to 17,000 healthy greyhounds are killed each year and thousands of dogs retired from racing will die simply because they are too slow to win. The greyhounds that do make it to the track are put at significant risk of sustaining serious injuries, such as broken bones or head trauma during training and racing. Some even die from cardiac arrest due to the extreme physical intensity of racing. On many occasions the injuries are deemed uneconomical to treat and the dog will be killed. Off the track their lives are typically no better with the dogs being kept in pens or kennels for the majority of their lives and only released to train or race”.

Sign the petition to tell the Palaszczuk Government that this is an unacceptable use of $40million dollars and Australians DON’T agree to fund and support the cruel and unnecessary industry that is greyhound racing.