FREE Dog Registration for Rate Paying QUEENSLANDERS

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Give Rate Payers of Qld a break. Rate Payers are paying for wandering dogs, surrendered dogs, Pound fees, kill fees, dumping fees and all the while Rate Payers do the right thing by having a fence, dogs not wandering or not surrendered their dogs after Christmas periods, they are loved family members. The Queensland State Government, Local Government Association of Queensland and the Minister of Local Government need to STOP charging the thousands of rate payers within Queensland Communities dog reistration fees, rate payers are almost penalised for owning a pet as fines are issued if the registration is not paid wheather your dog wanders, is dangerous or not. Your furry family member might never leave his yard but to Local Law he needs to pay a fee and wear a tag, its time this was fully reviewed RATE payers are footing the bill across communities this is a fee that should be incorporated with rates fees and charges and/or waivered for rate payers with costs rising in Qld we shouldnt have to pay to register a family member who leaves the yard very rarely, arent Queensland Rate Payers paying enough into our Communities, we want this changed we want Rate Payers to not be charged animal registration fees, anymore in th State of Queensland.