Fair and Transparent paper evaluation in Anna University and affiliated colleges

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College goers,

Have you ever felt the despair of examinations ? The burning of the midnight oil ? The procrastinators rage of working the night before ? As a fellow student , all those are relatable emotions and feeling. Working long nights and dozing after the exam is not a new experience for me and my friends. But when we come out of the exam hall... day dreaming and in a daze, fighting weariness and lack of sleep only to repeat it all again for the next exam... we have faith in God and examiner that we'll get marks for what we have written. Not be cheated and have our paper poorly and shabbily evaluated.

Consider my own experience with my first semester exams. Having been wary and vigilant from day 1, I resisted procrastination as much as I could. But after my exams I faced harsh reality... Having scored in the 90s for 5 theory and 3 practical subjects, I scored in the 50s for just one. That might be my weak subject you say ? Well, I didn't think so and after paying 300INR ~ 4.5$ applied for a photocopy of my paper. I was shocked. Shell shocked.To put it lightly, it felt like a person who had no knowledge of the subject had evaluated the paper.

My own college professor went through the paper and told me that i can get at the bare minimum 20 more marks.... Twenty ?!?!! I mean such a large variation won't be just because of "strict evaluation" right ?But I'm not talking for me...


You might think that " Is marks everything ? Is'nt knowledge more important ? " True my wise friend. But you do need that certificate to say that you completed the course right ? To apply for a photo copy and then for subsequent revaluation, we pay 700 inr ~ 10.5 $ and my own class had close to ten students with multiple subjects passing after revaluation. That makes over a hundred dollars per class, making about 20,000 dollars from a single college ( that's close to six lakh rupees per college). and how many colleges are affiliated to Anna University ? Take a guess.... A clue ? Its over five hundred institutions. And we write exams twice a year....

Disgusting...absolutely Disgusting

Ripping of students. Blatant rip off. Education, a noble profession... now a business... a market for selling seats and milking money of the poor student.

Sign the petition... Justice needs to come... Anna University must become transparent... professors and the staff should stop meddling with students life and career.

From a student... A human