Demand Tribeca Film Fest cancel their Anti Vaccination propaganda screening.

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The Tribeca Film Festival has chosen to screen an anti-vaccination "documentary" "Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe" made by the now discredited former UK doctor Andrew Wakefield who took a private legal firm's money to fabricate studies that claimed to show a link between autism and vaccination. This fabricated study has led to a global distrust of vaccination, and is directly responsible for the deaths of hundreds of children whose parents have been mislead to believe that vaccination practices over the past century are unsafe. Scientific consensus has roundly discredited any claims of a connection between vaccination and autism. The original publisher of the study, the UK scientific journal the Lancet, has withdrawn the study and apologized for its role in promoting anti-sceintific and clearly fabricated information that harms children. Furthermore the UK has barred Andrew Wakefield from practicing medicine and withdrawn all medical degrees he had received.

We demand that the Tribeca Film Fest cancel the screening of this film as it is intended only to further the anti vaccination fear mongering that has made Andrew Wakefield rich on the backs of uninformed parents and the deaths of their children due to lack of proper vaccination. We implore the directors of the festival and the members of the board of the Tribeca Institute to remove this film from their program.

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