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DAVYJ is the FAA's proposal for correcting the SERFR mistake and returning us as close as possible to the old and quiet BSR flight procedure.

"50-50" is a Select Committee proposal to split traffic so it flies on both DAVYJ and SERFR.

50-50 is presented as a "compromise between the two", but it can't be, since nobody benefits from our continuing loss.

The "root evil" of SERFR is the new flight path over new communities. 50-50 doesn't solve the problem, leaves us hurting, and at the same time does not solve any other noise-related problem.

Sign this petition to request your congressional representatives to recommend the full implementation of DAVYJ and to reject ideas like "50-50".


All through the region, 50-50 is either inferior or (in a few instances) at best only equivalent to DAVYJ. In no instance is 50-50 superior to DAVYJ.

  • In Palo Alto, 50-50 doesn’t help anyone since that’s where the ground paths converge - DAVYJ and 50-50 are identical.
  • In Los Altos, 50-50 unequivocally makes things worse, since Los Altos had practically no impact under BSR, and is now severely impacted.
  • In Los Altos Hills, 50-50 shifts half the SERFR traffic to overfly people that bought their houses away from the flight path.
  • In Summit and Happy Valley, which had no impact under BSR, 50-50 retains half of the SERFR overflights.
  • In Summit, Woodside and Portola Valley, 50-50 additionally ruins any chance of fixing BRIXX.
  • In Scotts Valley, which does not see direct DAVYJ overflights, 50-50 keeps half the overflights directly overhead, plus retains the impact of SERFR vectoring.
  • In SLV, 50-50 absolutely does not help, since main-procedure traffic is too high and too far away to make an impact. However, SERFR‘s vectoring impact, which is worse with 50-50, remains.
  • In Capitola and Santa Cruz, since Class B is getting fixed no matter what, 50-50 does absolutely nothing, since traffic is much too high to have an impact.

50-50 ignores all the guidelines set up at the beginning of this process by our Congressional representatives.

50-50 is moving noise. Taking 80 planes per day from BSR and dumping them as a new route over other communities is not "dispersion" under any reasonable interpretation of the word. It's moving a flight route - the very thing we are supposed to fix!

50-50 does not even attempt to follow the congressional mandate, which is to restore the pre-NextGen noise environment, or to retroactively say "no" to SERFR.

50-50 leaves half the noise in place and claims "it's a 50% improvement", but it was agreed by all that the baseline for comparison is pre-NextGen, and going from zero to 160 overflights or from zero to 80 has the same consequence: The place where we built our homes is ruined.

50-50, especially in the mid-pen region, damages the value of more properties, because there's no such thing as "half under a flight path".

50-50 creates the dangerous precedent of allowing the arbitrary moving of flight paths. This is how we got SERFR to begin with! If we turn down the opportunity to say "no" to moving flight paths - what's to prevent it from happening again?

50-50 perpetuates the pain inflicted today by SERFR on those communities it was shifted over. It's not the exact number of overflights that's ruined our homes, it's the fact that we built our homes here to get away from the noise, and the flight path was moved over us.

50-50 perpetuates this pain we experience every day as we are awakened by the jets at 6 am, and every night as we wait till past midnight so that we can go to sleep.

The FAA admitted that SERFR was a mistake, and is offering to correct it. 50-50 prevents them from doing that.

50-50 complicates the airspace, hinders the resolution of other issues such as BRIXX, and opens the door to who knows what unintended consequences.


There is only one proposal that is fully compatible with the goals set up by our congressional representatives, and that is DAVYJ.

The FAA showed DAVYJ to be practically identical from a noise impact perspective to the old and quiet BSR flight path over the Santa Cruz coastline and Santa Cruz mountains.

The FAA showed the DAVYJ is quieter than SERFR over the Santa Cruz foothills and mountains, and therefore it is also quieter than 50-50, especially over high elevation communities where SERFR's impact is the most severe.

The FAA explained that DAVYJ cannot fix everything that changed with NextGen, (and is not supposed to!) but those aspects it cannot fix, they are identical under DAVYJ, 50-50, or SERFR - so again 50-50 is either inferior or equivalent to DAVYJ - never superior to it.

This is what we know for sure: BSR had minimal impact on the region, SERFR is a disaster, and DAVYJ is the closest we can get back to BSR. 


All public input to the Select Committee has been overwhelmingly in favor of DAVYJ, including attendance in public meetings, public speaking record, email record, and petition signing record.

Public support for DAVYJ is balanced between the mid-pen region, the mountains, and the Santa Cruz region.

DAVYJ has by far the most public support, professional support, support from the FAA, and is the closest option there is for restoring the pre-NextGen environment.

Why is 50-50, which is inferior, has no support from the FAA, and shows no evidence of public support, even being discussed?

With a high-capacity route like SERFR, there's no such thing as being "half under it". We are not noise monitors. We are people that used to have homes in quiet communities, and are now living under a flight path.

SERFR needs to be fully rescinded, and air traffic needs to be put back, fully, on the old flight path.

Please follow the advice from the FAA, reject 50-50, and fully embrace DAVYJ.


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