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Reverse Dr. Robert Poston's Suspension

As described in an Arizona Star article on 3/9/14, the clinical privileges for Dr.Poston to practice his specialty were recently suspended. Dr. Poston has a national reputation in the performance of minimally invasive robotic coronary-bypass surgery, a procedure that has allowed patients who are not candidates for traditional surgery, due to other health risks, to undergo life-saving surgery.

Dr. Poston was recruited to the University of Arizona in 2011 from his previous position as the chief of cardiac surgery at Boston University. He graduated at the top of his class at Johns Hopkins Medical School, completed residency at UC-San Francisco,and a fellowship at the Stanford University School of Medicine, He scored at the 99th percentile on his board exams and at the 99% percentile for his patient satisfaction scores at the University of Arizona. He is the author of more than 100 scientific papers and abstracts .

In a national database of quality performance measures for cardiac bypass surgery centers, it was shown that Dr. Poston led University of Arizona Medical Center to the best overall quality rating in the state. He has personally performed over 550 surgical procedures with lower mortality and complication rates than other University of Arizona cardiac surgeons.

Dr. Poston’s prior training, experience, and exemplary results at the University of Arizona provide no justification for this action other than a heavily biased peer review process. It is germane that this suspension occurred within the context of a detriorating political environment surrounding the embattled department chairman, Rainer Gruessner.

We are initiating an online petition in an effort to get the University of Arizona to reverse the suspension, thereby allowing this innovative young surgeon to continue on with his career. Please sign this petition so that the citizens of Tucson, of Arizona and of the United States can help shine light on this disgraceful and corrupt practice by hospital administrators.

Here is a link to the Arizona Star story. Make sure you read the comments section for the many impressive testimonials from Dr. Poston's patients


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