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The removal and arrest of Missouri State Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal.

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On 8-17-17 Missouri Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal that represents University City went to her Facebook Acct and wished for the assassination of President Trump saying and I quote "No, I will, she wrote.  I hope Trump is assassinated." All Democratic and Republican politicians alike have requested that she step down.  The Dem. Caucus Leader, Sen. Gina Walsh, has condemned what she has said clearly!  Chappelle-Nadal has stated multiple times she refuses to even apologize over what she posted!  It was not only disgraceful but in the highest form of disrespect there is.  Now her being a public servant and being paid through the state tax revenue I am calling for her immediate recusal and arrest! US Code Title 18, Section 871 clearly states that any threat to the President is considered a political offense. This is punishable up to 5 years in prison and $250,000 maximum fine. We cannot allow someone such as a State Senator who knowingly knew her position, took it for granted and used that to say whatever she wanted against our current President of the United States.  She has also been accused of threatening another member of the Missouri House Senate by harassment and saying she was going to cut her throat (Riverfront Times). Link to McCaskill and other's of Missouri calling for her resignation. Link to her saying she wanted to see Potus assassinated!  See the video of her saying she will not apologize!

This Senator has clearly become unhinged in her duties and it is clear by her latest stunt not able to continue to serve in her post.  If she would step down on her own I would not need to put this petition in place but she refuses to get off the payroll.  We cannot allow someone here in Missouri to continue to represent this great state of ours, threaten fellow colleagues and above all else threaten and wish for the assassination of our President.  I ask you today to join with me in signing this petition for her removal from Missouri's State Senate! Thank you!

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