CBSE switch to modern compilers instead of TurboC++

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CBSE provides the choice of C++ and Python for the Computer Science course for the students of 11th and 12th grade. 

When it comes to C++, most schools in the country, still teach students using the Turbo C++ compiler. This compiler is obsolete. It does not follow the modern C++ standards. In fact, its development was discontinued long back in 2006. TurboC++ was designed for 16 bit machines which don't exist today. And when installed on modern machines, it emulates the same old architecture, thus creating unnecessary confusion among students.

It relies on the old C++ standards that are no longer used anywhere. It promotes the use of bad programming practices. Moreover, it tries to keep the students away from command line interface , which should be promoted and inculcated in CS students right from the begining. 

Once the students complete their 12th and go to college, they end up finding that most of the things that they learnt are no longer applicable and many are in fact wrong. After that it becomes really difficult to forget what you have learnt for 2 years and then replace it with new materials. And since Turbo emulates 16 bit architecture, it confuses students due to the subtle differences between modern machines and Turbo.
Personally, it took me a lot of time to get over the old fundamentals that were stuck in my mind after 2 years of studying. It would have been much better if I had not learnt C++ at all rather than learning wrong things.

With this petition, I would like to request CBSE to direct all schools to move on to much superior, modern compilers like GNU GCC/G++ which support modern syntaxes,libraries promote good coding practices and in general do not teach wrong things to students.