Bring Aniplus Asia to India

Bring Aniplus Asia to India

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Started by Anwesh Pati

There's a growing demand for Anime content in India in recent days. It can be seen from the hashtag #IndiaWantsAnime that's trending all over Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The recent example is when a petition for screening Weathering With You in Indian cinemas was addressed by the director himself, paving the way for anime in India on a large scale. 

But fans of Anime in India are prevented from enjoying their favorite Anime on TV. There was a channel called "Animax" that was available till 2017 but due to politics by Sony Pictures Networks India, the channel was removed from Indian TV. Nevertheless there's another channel in Asia called "Aniplus" that's available in 5 Asian territories at present and owned by a private company called Plus Media Networks. The channel has the rights to some popular and amazing Anime titles like Attack on Titan, Tsurune, Shield Heroes, Darling in the Franxx, etc. It also simulcasts anime aired in Japan on the same day of broadcast.

Anime fans in India are being underestimated by large organizations. Their population today can be a great source of income for "Plus Media Networks Asia PTE LTD Singapore" as well. There are more number of Anime fans in India than the total general population of Singapore. 

Due to lack of legal sources, fans have to resort to illegal streaming sites which hampers the industry as a whole. Wouldn't it be nice to open a legal way in India for Anime content?

Aniplus can also be brought as a live streaming channel along with VOD content on India's OTT apps like Jio TV, Airtel Xstream, Vodafone Play, Sony LIV, etc. Today's generation prefers streaming online, so a legal live streaming option of Aniplus Asia would be welcomed by all.

Hence, on behalf of all fans in India, I sincerely request all to please license and launch Aniplus Asia channel in India on TV as well as OTT live streaming. 

9,486 have signed. Let’s get to 10,000!