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Reverse Idaho Law Protecting Animal Abusers in Slaughterhouses and Factory Farms

It goes without saying, that deliberate abuse and torture of animals in the industrial food system (factory farms), and in slaughterhouses, should be prohibited and the animals protected against cruel and egregious acts; but Governor Butch Otter of Idaho doesn't see it that way! 

He recently signed SB1337 into law -- this law would forbid any undercover investigations resulting in proof of abuse and cruel acts toward factory farmed animals and animals in slaughterhouses. 

Recently, Mercy for Animals, revealed physical abuse and rape of helpless animals, who were already slated to die so that consumers could eat them! 

The POWERFUL Dairy Industry lobbied for SB1337 to protect their own interests, by not receiving bad press regarding their employees doing the unthinkable, and abusing "food animals". 

A reversal of Governor Otter's decision to pass this law is needed!  Otherwise, the animals will be victims without hope, and no protection against the fiends that delight in hurting these animals.  These kind of employees, should not only be fired, but should be arrested! 

Otter's law truly gags the press and journalism as well as giving justice a blackeye!     

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