Animals in small cages, sick, hungry and lonely! Help close Romania's terrible Zoo's jail.

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Zoo's are a thing of the past, people don't want to visit sad animals held in small cages. In Romania more than 22 Zoo's are in poor condition, with animals in very small encounters cages, sick, alone, hungry and neglected. 

Hunedoara Zoo is one of them. Attractive for children, the zoo has sparked a lot of controversy over time. Some locals have called the town hall to complain of the conditions in which the animals were kept. I visited the Zoo when I was 7 and terrified me instead of making me happy. The reason why I am fighting for them - I don't want any more kids to see animals in this conditions.  

The Zoo also had a large number of 'strange" events over the years.

  1. 2 tigers escaped the " jail" and roamed freely a few years back.
  2. Then one employee was arrested for slathering 3 deers.
  3. The managers of Hunedoara Zoological Garden were also fined by almost 50,000 lei by the Sanitary Veterinary Directorate and the Zoo was closed to the public until the deficiencies were remedied. 

Romania is also known to the controversy from brutally killing sweet street dogs! 

We are asking the government to do their part and CLOSE all of their Zoo's FOREVER.

Animals deserve a better life and jail is for criminals only. While many other countries are already starting to close the Zoo's, we are asking Romania to do the same.

These beautiful animals need to be rescued by appropriate organizations that are able to provide the proper care and housing. 


Let's all make a difference in the animals life and not let them down again and again like Romania government.

We thank you for your continued support.