Ban Paraquat in Fiji! - Hundreds of dogs already killed...

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Paraquat is a highly toxic non-selective herbicide (a plant-killer which is also toxic to anything else it comes in contact with). It has already been banned in many countries. Unfortunately, even though there are safe alternatives in Fiji, it is still widely used for spraying weeds and grass in sugarcane farms as an instant insect killer. It is also used for the baiting of dogs (purposely hiding the poison in food that dogs will eat with the intention to kill them) which is illegal without the written permission from the CEO if Ministry of Agriculture Fiji. It is poisonous to humans, especially children. For animals it is a death sentence which kills them slowly and painfully...

If Paraquat is banned in Fiji, it will not effect the ability to spray using a herbicide as Malathion is available which is safe for children and dogs.

It will however reduce the amount of toxic skin contact and fumes you, your family and your animals can ingest.

Banning Paraquat will make Fiji a safer place for children and animals alike.

Alternate names for Paraquat: 
Paraquat dichloride; Methyl viologen dichloride; Crisquat; Dexuron; Esgram; Gramuron; Ortho Paraquat CL; Para-col: Pillarxone; Tota-col; Toxer Total; PP148; Cyclone; Gramixel; Gramoxone; Pathclear; AH 501

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PLEASE NOTE:  The CEO of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Fiji Government have not approved or currently support the use of paraquat for animal population control. The majority of use is by individuals legally using paraquat as a herbicide resulting in the unintentional death of dogs and harm to humans and the illegal use by individuals as an intentional means to kill dogs . We are not protesting the governments use, we are petitioning for the ban of paraquat as a whole due to the unsafe nature of its legal use as a pesticide and to eliminate the illegal baiting of dogs.