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                                          ANIMAL CRUELTY

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        In our world today, it is sad that the more people know, the less they care. Animals have a right to live here in the world as much as we do. It breaks my heart to see companies use, hurt, and kill animals for product testing and producing.


     Brands like Dove, Vaseline, Clean and Clear, MAC, Head and Shoulders, Bobbi Brown, and Pantene are involve in animal cruelty. These companies test their beauty and  medical products on animals such as dogs, rabbits, hamsters, fish, monkeys, birds and cats which harm and kill the animals involved in the experiments. Moreover some of the luxury brands like Hermes, Burberry, Fendi, Dior, Gucci, Valentino, Marc Jacobs, Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton, Yves Saint Laurent, and Alexander Wang uses real fur of animals in making designer clothes, bags, and shoes. Animal testing has a terrible effect on them. Rats grow tumors on their body, cats lose their sense of sight, and rats suffer seizures. After undergoing these traumatizing experiments, animals are returned back into the cage without giving them any aid. 

       Clearly, WE MUST DO SOMETHING TO STOP THIS. Let us help save animals by not supporting brands and buying products that uses these precious creatures. Animals too can feel and they also have a right to the gift of life. Together, let us put an end to animal testing, suffocating, and murdering. Support those companies who does not only care about the money but also cares about the future. Some of these brands are LUSH, NYX, Too Faced Cosmetics, The Body Shop, and SMASHBOX Cosmetics. In addition, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, and Stella McCartney are luxury brands that are proven to be animal friendly. Apart from the brands mentioned above, don't support products that you may see near tourist spots if they are made out of animal parts. BE A HERO, save your self and the world by not tolerating animal cruelty.

      One of the first step to do so, is by signing up in this petition which aims to protect animal rights. Your support will make a big difference and help us correct the wrong. But it does not stop here because this is only the beginning. If animals can speak we are sure they'll say THANK YOU!

                     YOU, ME, AND THEM HAVE A RIGHT TO LIVE.

                                             LIVE RIGHTFULLY.


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