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Michael A. Budkie, A.H.T., Executive Director, SAEN, states: "The level of abuse that this process is allowed to reach is astonishing to me, and I have been reading USDA inspection reports for over 20 years."

Extreme holes in ears, bleeding from the rectum, convulsions, frenzied animals. These are the rabbits and hamsters used by the University of Southern Mississippi for TICK FOOD!

Not only used, but overused, as in in many instances the ticks are allowed to feed off of the rabbits for days further than the limits placed by the standard protocol!

Many rabbits were also listed as being anorexic, and one had a 20% body weight loss!

The University has violated numerous federal regulations.Tell Dr. Elizabeth Goldentyer of the USDA that such actions will not pass disregarded, and that the University must be held responsible for every single animal!

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*The above photo is an example of a rabbit with ear coverings after a laboratory attachment of ticks.

Letter to
USDA Eastern Regional Office Director Dr. Elizabeth Goldentyer
The University of Southern Mississippi must be held responsible for repeatedly allowing rabbits and hamsters to be eaten alive by ticks!

Immediately assure that the University's completely heartless disregard of the animals in use and its indifference to legal protocol are rightfully punished and the maximum penalties for such offenses are determined without delay.

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