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Today a four year old Saint Bernard - a victim of criminal neglect - breathed his last in our house. He was rescued from his owner's house by my daughter-in-law and another dog- lover lady 40 days ago.

When they saw the dog he was lying almost dead,  a mere bag of bones, with sores all over his body- the bones showing up from some sores. He had fleas and ants crawling all over him and maggots in his eyes. He was unable to move any part of his body and was unresponsive to any stimuli around him.

He was lying totally limp in the verandah, tied to a short leash with no water or food bowl near him.

The owner readily allowed the two ladies to take the dog with them without even taking their  contact numbers. He had no interest whether the dog died or lived.

The dog was admitted in the Max veterinary hospital. The prognosis was very disturbing. The dog was badly dehydrated, had severe infection, bleeding sores and a very weak heart from years of neglect. My daughter-in-law named him Maxi as he was in Max hospital.

Maxi was in the hospital for ten days and given all possible treatment. However, on the 10th day the doctor advised that Maxi was not going to make and should be put to sleep.

My daughter-in-law who had been visiting Maxi everyday did not have the heart to put Maxi to sleep. She had experienced that Maxi had been giving a feeble response when she petted him and would place his paw on her arm.

She and my son decided to bring Maxi home and make every effort to revive him. They thought that love and care may help him.

Maxi was with us for a month. My son and daughter-in-law put everything in their life on hold to nurse and look after Maxi. They also engaged a care - giver to give Maxi the best of care. Maxi also got the best of medical attention. No expense was spared for Maxi 's medicines and other medical procedures. Offers of help and donations from other dog lovers were also coming for Maxi. He was fed liquid diet through tubes as he was unable to eat or drink by himself. Maxi was not left alone at all as he would whine for attention and carassing. He started lifting his front paws and head and even let out tiny barking sounds. He knew he was getting love and kept demanding more and more of it. 

Last evening Maxi was taken to the vet and given a drip. This morning at 12.30 am Maxi breathed his last in my son's lap with my daughter-in-law beside him. 

Even though the doctors had declared that there was no hope for him, yet his end was very sudden. He had been sleeping peacefully earlier. When he woke up my son was trying to give him some water.  But Maxi just took a few laboured breaths and collapsed in my son's arms. 

Maxi lived a very unfortunate and neglected life but died much loved and much cared for. My son and daughter-in-law and the care giver have been shedding tears of sorrow at his departure. They wish Maxi could have been rescued earlier from his callous owners. 

There are many Maxis around suffering from cruelty and neglect. Please name and shame such people if you learn about them and rescue the pets from their clutches. 

Please campaign for passing of laws which will make it obligatory on pet owners to take proper care of the pets. Punishments like heavy fines and even imprisonment should be prescribed and awarded for neglecting or ill- treating the pets. 


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