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Severe punishment for animal killers and abusers

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Life is gifted by God. No matter if it's that of human or a animal. One side we have our biggest democratic country where we have right to choose who will govern us, where we live and what we eat, also where we take privilege of throwing garbage where ever we want to , why the animals of the same country do not even have right to breathe.

One human is killed , our government and police and moral police and neighbours and strangers all come in action but when one dog is killed , a killer can just continue to live his life the way he wants to by paying just Rs 50.

Humans are supposed to be the most intelligent animal. Killing dogs n other animals brutally , either by throwing them from roof , poisoning them , or beating them to death is definitely not the deed of a sane human. 

What's the guarantee that after paying Rs 50 , he won't harm any other animal. A man with such cruel mind and and inhumane behaviour can next turn to psychopath . At that time he will be eligible to get severe punishments.  But why to wait for such more crimes to happen. These are the one who become rapists, pedophiles, killers. He is insane and he indeed is dangerous to the society and thus needs severe punishment.

No money in this world can justify the death of a living being.  People ill treating animals should know that they can't get away by just paying Rs 50 but have to face consequences.  This law of Rs 50 needs to be changed immediately and there should be stringent laws for the protection of these innocent souls who are though alive but not considered as living creatures.


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