Help save Diamond a 4 year old dog

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*UPDATE 11/05* WE WON!!! Diamond is coming home!! 

My name is Brennah and my 4 year old dog Diamond was recently taken away from me. My boyfriend and his daughter were at my house while I was at work. During this time he let Diamond outside. Diamond saw a dog across the street that was barking at her so, as any other dog would do she began barking as well.

While my boyfriend was trying to get her back inside his daughter was at the screen door and fell on top of Diamond. Diamond was also stuck between the fence & a pole when the daughter fell on top of her. Diamond then bit her twice on the back of head and leg. She was having anxiety and didn’t know what hit her while she was turned the other way. My boyfriend and a neighbor helped and Diamond let go of the daughter.

The daughter went to the hospital and received some stitches but, is perfectly okay. Previously to this the daughter and Diamond used to lay together and Diamond would kiss her face every time she saw her. The parents of the baby feel that the dog didn’t mean to do this, it was simply an accident.

Diamond has been staying in an animal shelter. She was given a vicious dog hearing. We have put interventions in place such as muzzles, having a short leash, having dog trainers in place, dog insurance that covers up to $100,000 per incident, etc. I had letters from people I know that were notarized and people there to vouch for her.

After all this, the police and animal control are trying to have Diamond put down because they don’t want the liability. We are in the process of appealing this decision. Diamond is not a bad dog. She loves people. She get excited to see everyone. She is only 4 and deserves to keep her life, she has so much more in her. We want to get her into proper training, restrictions, ANYTHING instead of just killing her. Please if you could sign this petition to help save Diamond we would appreciate it more than anything in this world. 


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