Investigate Animal Welfare League In Chicago Ridge, Illinois

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I have recently read an article on Patch about an animal shelter named the Animal Welfare League in Chicago Ridge, Illinois.

This is the link to the article:

What I have read in the article is disturbing. The animals kept in the shelter suffered a respiratory illness. The animals kept there, especially dogs are being neglected by the employees. In the article, there is a picture of a dog inside a cage bleeding. Also the shelter is unkempt and the proof is in the pictures of feces on the floor throughout the shelter.  However, I believe that there is more to this and I demand that a deeper investigation will go underway at the Animal Welfare League in Chicago Ridge, Illinois. What has happened there is unacceptable and no animal should ever have to go through the suffering that the animals in Chicago Ridge's Animal Welfare League went through. There should be stricter laws put in place throughout the nation to keep things like this from happening. I ask for anyone who is against animal neglect and abuse to sign this petition to help build a better future for our animals.