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Give Pitbulls and other Big Dog Breeds a Chance at Being Adopted

I volunteer at my local animal shelter and sometimes it is sad. We have to go to other shelters just to resuce Pit Bull, German Sheperad, Chow and many other breeds that only have 48 Hours or less at KIll Shelters. Other dogs have at least 1 week. I know, for example, Pit Bulls are used for Dog Fighting but If you can save that dog, I say do it! Punish the Owner, Not The Dog! A couple of weeks ago we went to a Kill Shelter and we found out the day before 16 Pit Bull Puppies were put to sleep for No Reason. I know that Shelters need space but Please give them a Chance. My Friend Rescued a Pit Bull that had been trained to fight. She has a 5 year old daughter and he lets her ride on his back and has NEVER bit a person. One day they were sitting in there house and someone broke in. They heard Duke Bark but keep going in side. The robber then shot a hole in the wall. Duke barked at him one more time and he saw the dog and the Robber Ran away. Tjis is what I am talking about. These dogs aren't that bad. They actually were breed to sit in Kids Cribs and protect the children. Please help them! I know not everyone likes them and I know a lot of people are afraid but they are not always like that :) They are actually very loyal and loving dogs :) Thank you for signing or even reading my Petintion to help save some of the Misunderstood dogs around the world :)  ***I may only be 12 years old, but that doesnt mean I can't make a difference in the world***

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