Petition Closed

Any owner of a pet much like a child would not like them taken away for any doing, regardless if it is right or wrong. In this case my baby Moo Moo an American Pit Bull was taken away under false accusation for attacking another animal.

An animal owner states in his complaint, that his dog was attacked , but "NOT HARMED."  

Another false complaint with another party claims Moo Moo bit his leg. There were no such attack nor damage from such attack.  

I deeply understand if the complaints were true and in anyway harmed another, than I would be wrong to fight to free a dangerous animal. 

However, Moo Moo is the sweetest, loving, cuddly, playful, listens well, loves peoples and other animals ( even cats), and is wonderful with kids. She does not deserve to taken away or euthanized for her breed.  

Please help Moo Moo come back home where she belongs with her loving family. 

Letter to
Animal Services Animal Services
Please take a minute to review my petition.
Moo Moo has been taken in and in holding until the 20th for her court date. Our family loves this dog because she is a sweet and loving dog. Despite what her breed she is really an angel.
The complaints made on Moo Moo are over exaggerated beyond the truth.
We believe everyone will see the truth and send Moo Moo back home where she belongs.

We thank you for your time!!