End Canada's seal slaughter now!

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Baby Seals are being killed in Canada every year for "fashion". Over two million seals have been killed since 2002 by these fishermen. 98% of these Seals were younger than three months old. On top of that, 82% of the baby Seals aren't killed by the first shot. This has been going on for a very long time. Seal slaughtering started in 1515 when a ship filled with seal skin was sold to Spain. Current day, seal slaughtering happens in these eight countries, Canada,Namibia, Iceland, Norway, Russia, Finland, Sweden, and Greenland. Most of the seal hunting takes place in Canada. This shameful issue needs to be stopped now or seals will be extinct in the blink of the eye.

You must think these seals are at least killed instantly without pain, right? Well that's not correct at all. Fishermen use a pick-axe like tool (the hakapik) to kill the seals by bashing them in the head, but without damaging their fur. The Canadian government hides this issue and avoids solving this problem. The Government of Canada allows fishermen to beat and skin hundreds of thousands of these gentle creatures every year. The fishermen don't even get a lot of money for this. Less than 5% of their income comes from killing seals and they still do it.  But why?

These seals are killed for their fur and for their meet. Seal skins are used to make waterproof jackets, vests, boots,etc. As you can see in the picture. These clothing items are sold for over $100 to $400.  The fishermen do go into training in humane killing practices before they can be licensed. But animal welfare claim that these killings are inhumane. Like Rebecca Aldworth, “Many animals are left to suffer in agony, crawling through their own blood on the ice,” says, executive director of the Humane Society International-Canada. Even the Humane Society of the United States agrees with this as well. According to their website, their campaign has decreases the number of seal products produced and bought.

But is seal slaughtering as bad as it seems? Seal hunting is legal in Canada for the income but scientists do warn the Canadian government management that this is a threat to seal populations. Baby seals are the main target for these fishermen because when the newborn “whitecoat” harp seals begin to shed their white coats these baby seals can be legally hunted by sealers. This is a fact. About 98% of the seals killed in the past ten years have been less than three months of age. Some of the babies haven't even gotten to eat their first meal. Imagine that.  

In conclusion, at the end of your life you take nothing with. All the money, food, or clothing will never make up for the souls killed. It is your duty to respect and protect animals. Take  responsibility and stop this inhumane massacre! Veterinarians agree as well. Some in recent years have suggested that commercial sealing is very inhumane because of the harsh, remote environments in which the killings occur. “The evidence, which continues to be available year on year, through observer data, video material and veterinary study is clear.” A 2013 veterinary study claimed. These seals have not lived their lives yet. Not even eaten their first meal. Please sign the my petition to help spread the awareness of this abuse. Thank you.


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