Save Katie from being euthanised by Brisbane city council !

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10 years old Brisbane girl begs council officers to save her beloved German Shepherd and let it come home for her birthday!

Katie is a 6 years old German Shepherd, highly intelligent and much beloved family member was ceased on 30th May by council workers, taken to shelter and already been kept there since then in a tiny cage with only up to 60 min a day out of it! It suffers from depression and refuses to eat. Her health is deteriorating rapidly. Whilst in a park and been provoked by another small dog Katie allegedly (the only witness of this action was the complainer) followed her protective dog’s instinct and bit it on her leg. Despite the allegations of “severe attack” the claimant’s dog is being seen in the park everyday with its owner enjoying the freedom and being happy. Meanwhile Katie is held in a cage, away from loving home indefinitely from 30 th May and facing “destruction order” just for demonstrating dog like behaviour. Katie is not just a dog. It is a much loved and missed family member who became a victim of human cruelty, negligence and greed. All attempts to get a civilized discussion with council officers and get explanation for their cruel actions towards animals get no results. Owners continuously encountering disrespectful and dishonest behaviour from the BCC animal team who is determined to order “immediate distraction” without proper investigation or any discussions with the owners and meanwhile busy sending skyrocketing bills.We are animal lovers and Katie is not just another pet. It is much loved and missed family member! My 10 years daughter asks me every day after the school: “Mummy, when is Katie coming back?” Please help us stop another crime against animals from happening!