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We witness in astonishment the calling for candidacies to President of the Bullfighting Law Section at the Madrid Body of Lawyers, where an Animal Rights Section already exists.

The Bodies of Lawyers are public law entities. Their mission is to ensure the good and proper exercise of the profession, not the defence of the interests of any lobby in particular. Its Sections are general or for a certain area of legal expertise: they do not study specific activities or phenomena.

Society is always ahead of its laws and lawyers, privileged spectators of this reality and its practice, have a key mission in recollecting and studying it from a legal perspective, allowing for it to find its place within laws fit for their purpose.

The Law is not a sequence of senseless rules, but a colossal construction sustained by the strongest ethical and logical pillars, amongst others the one of not doing to another, what one would not want for oneself.

Bullfighting does not have rights, animals do; and the Animal Rights Section would be the one in charge of studying the phenomena of bullfighting. Celebrating the wonderful animal that the wild bull is, is not incompatible with the unwaivable respect for its wellbeing.

The development of the law and the growing support towards considering animals as sentient creatures worthy of our protection, brings as a consequence that the Section of Bullfighting Law lacks the social or legal substance that would justify its existence within a public law entity, and it’s financing on account of the fees paid by all its members.

By the undersigning,