Tell Animal Rescue Groups: Adopt a Vegan Policy to Save the Animals and the Earth

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It’s the greatest crisis in the history of the animal welfare movement. And none of us are talking about it.

A mass extinction of species is now underway– up to 200 species are going extinct every day. Scientists are calling it the Sixth Great Mass Extinction of Species on Earth. And it’s being caused by us...

It’s happening fast. Unlike mass extinction events of the past, which have taken tens of thousands to millions of years, this mass extinction is happening in just decades. According to scientists, we have 10-20 years at most to create meaningful change, or we may be in a fatal “runaway” scenario.

Animal lovers, animal rescuers, and nonprofits organized for animal welfare- together, we have the power to forestall this mass extinction of Earth's species, but we must step up and lead- now.

The primary drivers of this mass extinction event are global deforestation, rainforest depletion, and climate change. As it turns out, the #1 cause of global deforestation, rainforest depletion, and climate change is global animal agriculture. And the sole basis for animal agriculture is meat and dairy consumers.

Industry experts are predicting that meat and dairy consumption will increase 135% by the year 2050. Of course, that is beyond unsustainable. But it means that meat and dairy consumers are our single greatest hope for change.

In the face of this urgent crisis, we at Brother Wolf Animal Rescue in Asheville, NC, are challenging our fellow animal rescue groups across the country to take what we think is a very reasonable action: adopt a public vegan policy for their organization.

A public vegan policy doesn’t mean everyone has to go vegan overnight. Rather, it’s a powerful, symbolic act that presents a unique opportunity for animal rescuers to start this urgent conversation with their colleagues, supporters, and public about the impacts of meat and dairy consumption on this crisis of mass species extinction.

Adopting a vegan policy is easy. In it’s simplest form, a vegan policy means that organizations choose not to serve any animal products at any/all events, fundraisers, and functions. On the Facebook page for this petition, we have a downloadable Quick-Start kit with easy templates for creating a board resolution, employee policy, public announcement, and FAQs.

For most animal rescuers, our work for the animals is a way of life for us. We strive to be a force of uncompromised compassion for the animals we work to protect. Animal rescuers can be fearless advocates, and that’s why we are calling on fellow animal welfare organizations to step up and lead at this crucial time in our history.

On behalf of the tens of thousands of wildlife species now facing imminent extinction; for the over one trillion fish, cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys and other farmed animals subjected to unimaginable cruelty and exploitation every year; for this next generation of humans who will inherit a world in chaos due to burgeoning climate change– the transition to a vegan diet is the single greatest act an individual can take to make an immediate impact on these crises.

Please take action. Sign and share this petition to challenge animal welfare groups across the country to adopt a vegan policy. Then go to the Facebook page for this petition and learn how you can get involved in this important campaign for the animals and the Earth.

Thank you for your consideration of this most urgent initiative.