Ban animal experimentation in Canada

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Animals in Canada need your help more than ever. 200,000 experimental testing has occurred every year in Canada and the numbers continue to increase amidst of COVID-19. Forms of testing may include; food and sleep deprivation, forced chemicals into their system, exposed to toxins and drugs, gene manipulation, and other various types of testing. 

Aside from the ethical problems animals face from the mental and physical abuse, animal testing is also proven to be ineffective in most circumstances. Research states that 92% of tests fail to proceed to the market as they are too dangerous for humans, the failure rate is now increasing up to 96%. 

 Do your part by refusing to buy from brands that support animal testing. Some cosmetic brands include Maybelline, L’Oreal, Elizabeth Arden and Nars. Read more about animal testing from PETA, The Animal justice Project, Human Society International and sign their provided petitions as well. Don’t stop here, animal cruelty will continue to happen if you don’t take action to stop the horrible treatment happening in Canadian labs.