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Urge Animal Planet to Ban Shows that are not Beneficial for Animals

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Join me in the protest against the TV channel Animal Planet. Animal Planet should no longer be called Animal Planet, unless they halt all shows that don't directly benefit animals. When Animal Planet first aired, the shows were educational and beneficial to animals and humans, there were different shows about animal cops rescuing the lives of abused, injured, and neglected animals, or veterinary shows saving the lives of animals, and educating the viewers on proper animal husbandry, or educational wildlife shows. 

Now, a majority of the shows on Animal Planet are more neglectful and undermining of animals. Animal Planet is no longer a channel for animal lovers and advocates, but yet a channel for sport hunting, breeding, fishing, alcohol, swimming pools, and more. Shows like Hillbilly Handfishin' should not be on Animal Planet, it is a show about fishing, which is not beneficial for animals. Cold River Cash, once again, is another fishing show. Shows such as this should be on a different network. Animal Planet should not be promoting violence and animal cruelty.

Then, there are shows that have nothing to do with animals, such as Alaska Proof which is about spirits, that should be on a cooking network or something of the sort, animals do not tie into this. Finding Big Foot is a show on beliefs of the elusive Big Foot, which does not directly benefit animals. The Last Alaskan is more about humans deciding to invade on a wildlife refuge, they run sled dogs all day, and demoralize animals, they use them for work, and animals are solely there to benefit the humans of this community. Why is Insane Pools on Animal Planet? Insane Pools is about building swimming pools, and no, it is not for animals! There is only one official channel on TV that is supposed to cater to animals, and that is Animal Planet. Animal Planet is not successfully completing it's obligation to animals, and to animal advocates. In 2016, Animal Planet is more about generating revenue, rather than representing Animals, as it once did.

Personally, as an animal lover, along with several of my coworkers at my Veterinary Hospital, we would love to see Animal Planet representing animals in a positive manner rather than a negative manner. We believe that Animal Planet has the resources to correct this issue before they go so far down the wrong path, that they will just be another network, not representing its true potential for animals. I know that many people, not just myself, feel the same way about Animal Planet, and they should cater to our feelings, after all, we are the viewers, our thoughts should be heard. 

Please join me in urging Animal Planet not to renew any TV contracts with shows that do not directly educate humans on proper animal husbandry, information on animals, or benefit animals directly.

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