Publicly apologize for the fake documentaries you made portraying wild animals as monsters.

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    Animal Planet recently opened a series titled "Man-Eating Specials" on May 18, starting a Monster Week featuring "documentaries" portraying wolves, tigers, snakes, and other wild animals as blood-thirsty, violent animals suffering from a "zombie virus," to use their exact words.

    Wild animals including wolves and tigers are fighting a war against total extermination. A potent example are the wolves. Anti-wolf activists are latching onto any and all pieces of false information that can give them a path to killing more wolves in places where they are rapidly disappearing, such as Idaho and Canada. Animal Planet's fake documentaries--which were aired on national television--portrayed wolves as brutal, cold, and evil, gathering in numbers and moving in to invade human civilization, while in fact, they are desperately fighting to keep their place on Earth. Groups who want to eradicate the populations of these wild animals will gladly use this entirely false propaganda to their advantage.

    Animal Planet also reaches the younger generation. These shows and false documentaries, no matter how entertaining they are meant to be, are teaching children that wild animals all over the world are monsters suffering from a zombie disease, gathering in massive numbers and threatening the human population. The real truth about the relationship between humans and wild animals couldn't be farther, and it's the truth that children should be learning from the TV shows they watch, hear about, and are influenced by. Animal Planet needs to help uncover what really goes on between humans and animals.

    Animal Planet needs to apologize for the untruths they decided to release across national television. These untruths further endanger the wild animals they target and only give the animals' oppressors a new advantage. Please join me in asking Animal Planet to apologize and turn its efforts towards releasing the real facts behind this battle.

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