Please Consider These Horses Their Lives Matter

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I would like for those horse carriages in NYC to be banned from further activity. It’s important to remember that animals also have a voice even if they may not be heard. We are to be the care takers of these animals and if we are using them for our entertainment only. What justice are we doing them! Please consider how you would feel if you had to pull a huge carriage that weighs a sufficient amount around a town for blocks on end with more weight added to it by the humans it carries. These animals are just as important as we are and they deserve the love and respect we ask for ourselves. These horses need to be cared for in an environment that will create a sense of happiness and safety for them. A place where they can roam free not be held captive by our inability to show restraint for our own selfish desires. We live in a time where vehicles are accessible more so now than ever before and these horses are not for means of transportation even if for attraction. I thank you for your time and consideration to read my heart in words. May you be lead to see my position on this matter. God Bless! 

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