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Do not bring Pit Bulls & Parolees back on air

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Pictured are just some of the people killed by fighting breed dogs in the US. These people were killed by dogs kept as family pets, mostly Pit Bulls or bully breed mixes, many raised with love and training, who still became killers with no warning. The group includes people from every facet of society; even Pit Bull advocates, but also helpless newborn babies, adorable toddlers, elderly, pregnant women, healthy adults, infirm people in wheelchairs, representing all ethnicities and all levels of income. Keeping fighting breed dogs as pets has endangered people in all of society; nobody is safe from this growing danger. These photos of humans mauled to death by dangerous fighting breed dogs are only some of the people who would beg you to reconsider your choice, if only they could.

In the 10-year period from 2005 to 2014, pit bulls killed 203 Americans and accounted for 62% of the total recorded deaths 326. There already have been several deaths so far this year. Not to mention the countless maulings and death of pet's and livestock. These dogs are dangerous and unpredictable and failure to provide your viewers with accurate information is dangerous and irresponsible on your behalf. Every time you advertise a Pit bull up for adoption on the show you plan to return "Pit Bulls and Paroles" you are putting someone in danger! Are you prepared for the liability?  

Some of the most heartbreaking and vicious attacks were not from Pit bulls that belonged to dog fighters or or people who raised them to be a weapon as many claim, but by long time family pets that were loved, treated like family and grew up with their victims. You can ask any of the victims family members they will all say that the Pit bull never showed any signs of aggression. Many admit that they adopted because they truly believed it was how they were raised, the nanny dog myth and the claim that they are just the same as any other dogs. Lies that Tia Torres repeats repetitively on her show and in interviews. 

I have always thought of Animal Planet as a Family channel so I was shocked that you brought Tia Torres back on air after she attempted to open a brothel to support her Pit Bulls. She wants to sell other woman's bodies to save dogs!


"Prostitution to help pit bulls?
If it had worked out otherwise, she jokes the show would have been called "Pit Bulls, Parolees and Prostitutes."

"I was almost a madam," Torres said. "Somebody told me then that I was trying to open a cathouse to support my doghouse."

Not to mention the harassment targeted towards Merle Carnes, president of the Old West Ranch Property Owners Association and was acting as such when she wrote a letter to her neighbors in Old West Ranch (where Torres wanted to move her rescue). In the letter she urges her neighbors to weigh in against the dog rescue for many reasons. Most of her concerns would be applicable to a 100 dog rescue for any breed, though the fact that many of these dogs are no ordinary pitties, but demonstrably aggressive pit bulls already judged dangerous and removed from owners by court orders is a significant factor.

Many see Carnes as a hero after she evacuated many neighbor's after a fire,putting her own life at risk and worked countless hours with the Red Cross to help her neighbor's

Tia Torres not only posted this woman's phone number to her mob of angry Pit bull owners but had the gall to call this sweet lady "heartless" and "evil"

If the Statistics are not enough for you to ban this show off your channel forever, then Tia's actions should be more than enough. It is obvious she values the lives of Pit bulls more than anyone or anything else. She lacks morals and she lacks compassion for Human beings. She will say and do anything to save her Pit bulls including using others and putting peoples lives at risk. Please do not help air her lies! 

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