Give our stray dogs ESA (emotional support animal) training.

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I experienced a lot of problems travelling from US to India with my ESA because India does not permit the import of dogs due to the high number of strays. I suffer from Bipolar disorder and was advised to get an ESA to help support me. Luna, my dog helped improve my condition drastically. Several therapists advise getting a pet to patients suffering from mental health issues. I would love to see the fur balls who don’t get love or affection get a home and for dogs to not be just a status symbol but a friend and a companion. Such an initiative can help deal with them problem of ignorance of mental health and also the issue of strays. When people spend so much money on anti-depressants and therapy, I would like to believe they could also spend on these trained animal companions, which In turn could fund this program. I genuinely believe this is a proposal that could make a huge difference and would love and appreciate your support in making this happen.