#STANDFOR16 - Petition for justice and stopping animal cruelty in Vietnam

#STANDFOR16 - Petition for justice and stopping animal cruelty in Vietnam

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⚠️ TRIGGER WARNING - This is so tragic and heartbreaking. Several users shared this devastating story that's going viral on Facebook & Twitter.

Story: https://www.instagram.com/p/CU0-kOxJeeW/

Please join us in taking a stand. #STANDFOR16 Awareness Petition

A couple in Vietnam packed some of their belongings including their 16 pets (4 dogs, 11 puppies, and 1 cat) onto a motorbike to leave from their home in Long An to travel back to Cà Mau (a city in Southern Vietnam).

The couple left their home because the pandemic and lockdown left them financially ruined, so they were forced to move back to Cà Mau to be with family.

They were unemployed and unable to work or make any income for 4 months due to the covid lockdown. They were able to get by by sharing a bowl of rice together, but managed to feed their beloved 16 pets.

The couple was left with no other choice but to leave back home and didn’t want to leave the animals behind because they considered the animals their family.

They drove about 300 kilometers to get to Cà Mau, and as soon as they got there, authorities tested the husband positive for Covid, so the couple had to be quarantined.

The pets were then sent to their family members to be taken care of.

Some doctor told authorities that the animals could possibly carry and transmit the covid virus to humans, so she ordered authorities kill them. Right now several users have messaged saying they put the dogs in bags, bludgeoned, beat, and burned the 16 pets. What a cruel and evil doctor… Speechless

Please share and sign this petition to help bring some form of justice and awareness to the couple:

  1. Demand a formal written apology and statement from the officials, doctor and any other authorities involved.
  2. Demand justice to punish the doctor and have her license removed as anyone else that took place in this tragedy.
  3. Award and pay the couple and their family for the damages of kidnapping, brutally torturing, murdering, and taking 16 innocent souls from their family. 
  4. Declare and make a new rules, protocols and guidelines on how the treatment of animals and pets should be handled when it comes to covid protocols.

The protocols and guidelines should be announced publicly to all doctors, health care workers and authorities that no animals or pets will be harmed or killed moving forward. Animals should be cared for in a facility and quarantined. Some form of punishment and jail time should be made to anyone caught mistreating animals moving forward.

Rest In Peace to the 16 innocent souls. Prayers and condolences to the couple.

We understand that we may not accomplish any of these requests knowing how the government operates and the way things are handled in Vietnam, but the least we can do is share this story to speak up for the voiceless, create more awareness while provide support, and hope that an incident like this doesn't ever happen again.

Thank you to all that signed and shared this petition. 


30,335 have signed. Let’s get to 35,000!