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Shut Down Pet Land - Stop Encouraging Cruel Living Conditions for Dogs

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The Petland chain of pet stores keeps their dogs (and various other animals) in cruel and undesirable living conditions. Not only are multiple puppies stuffed into tiny aquariums on top of eachother, they are forced to rest on top of a crate-like bottom which catches and stores their feces. Many dogs are very visibly sick and suffering, but not quarantined from the other dogs. Petland has already been accused of distributing improper medication, withholding veterinary care, and lying about the health conditions of adoptable pets. Upon researching reviews of Petland, one can find many stories of how others' adopted pets turned out to be deathly ill due to Petland withholding proper medical care. Many people who have reached out to Petland due to their pet passing away, were returned with a waiver to fill out before receiving a refund. This waiver states that you are eligible for your refund only if you sign agreeing to not use "slander" on any social media platforms. This goes to show how desperate they are to protect their name in attempts to continue their dishonest puppy sales. Here is a link to some of these photos:

Not only are these living conditions not to a livable standard for these pets, but Petland is also known for supporting and utilizing puppy mills - legal and illegal. An excerpt from states, "A 2009 exposé has traced the shipping records for more than 15,000 puppies to Petland stores, proving once again that America's largest chain of puppy-selling pet stores, Petland Inc., is also the nation's largest retail supporter of puppy mills.

The investigation revealed that almost every Petland store in the country is buying puppies from large-scale "middleman" brokers that deal with puppy mills, and some are continuing to buy directly from known puppy mills that The HSUS filmed and identified in our 2008 investigation.

Some of them even purchased puppies from a known animal abuser in 2009.". Petland has been found guilty of purchasing their dogs from puppy mill breeders. This was not in efforts to help rehome dogs in need, but to simply make a profit.  

Due to greedy companies like Petland, animals are being bred simply for a profit and often result in loss of life. If you have any sense of compassion or a love for any kind of animal - especially dogs - I urge you to do some of your own research. The facts are readily available for anyone willing to look. We need to come together and be the voice of these poor animals to help change the future of pets for profit. If you are looking to adopt a puppy, there are so many other places to turn such as your local humane society or rescue. 



Here is just one of many links talking about the reality of the situation at Petland:

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