Adrian's Act: A Rescue's Right to Saving a Life

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Twice now, the Kansas Humane Society of Wichita (KHS) has had a dog A&F tagged for rescue and was confirmed to come into our care. To the contrary, the dog was returned to the owner, who then requested the dog be put to sleep, which KHS agreed to do. If an animal has a RESCUE tag and volunteers who are ready, willing and able to care for the animal, there needs to be some sort of protocol to not murder the animal at the request of the owner (who clearly places no value on the innocent animals life). The rescue should have the right to take the animal, when volunteers are standing by to receive the animal into their care. A&F was more than willing to take the extra step needed to give this animal the best vet care and chance at life, or in the alternative, at least one day filled with love, cheeseburgers and a respectful passing, surrounded by loving volunteers. We understand the owner has the right to reclaim, but when the owner simply wants to kill the animal at KHS, it should be standard protocol that the owner be informed a rescue tag has already been placed on the animal, and should the owner no longer wish to care for the animal, the rescue tag SHOULD be utilized. Sign the petition. DEMAND that one extra step be put in place! How hard is it to check if there is a rescue tag before murdering an innocent soul? KHS can do better. KHS should do better! This is the SECOND life that was destroyed because of a failure in the process. If they claim to save thousands of lives every year, they should care about the ones that are failing through the cracks. Two unnecessary deaths....God knows how many more are out there that we don't know about. Dogs who have been killed on the cold concrete, when a rescue has stepped up to at least allow these animals a sense of dignity and respect during their passing. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Make it stop. EVERY. SINGLE. LIFE. MATTERS. It is time to demand SOMEONE do something to make sure this NEVER happens again. This is a photo of Adrian. He was killed last night at the request of his owner. A&F had placed a tag on him earlier in the day, which KHS confirmed. We were picking him up today. He couldn't walk, was brought in paralyzed as a stray, couldn't urinate on his own and his bladder had to be expressed. We had a hospice foster lined up, but that never happened..... instead, his owner came to reclaim him last night and requested for him to be killed. We knew Adrian probably didn't have much time left, but all we wanted to do was give him a few days worth of spoiling and let him leave this world surrounded by love. Instead, he died in a shelter. KHS could have refused and given him back to us, but instead, they took his second chance at a little bit of love, and threw it away. Please help us stop them from doing this to any more souls like Adrian. For some dogs, this may be their only chance at knowing what it's like to be loved. All we are asking is for one extra step in the process, a simple change in their protocol in order to save a life.