Help the “One” who helps so many animals.

Help the “One” who helps so many animals.

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Roopali Pagare started this petition to Animal Planet

Dear All,

There’s a lady, alone yet strong. She’s from India. (Chandigarh) . She’s an epitome for strength and courage. A woman with a big heart. She is doing all she can, she opened her heart and house for strays. She’s an angel who has been standing for all animals, opening her home to them, always on a rescue mission , also taking them to vets. She bears all the pain and cost.

We all know, together it’s tough. We can imagine how tough it must be for “One”. She request’s every month for donations for her adopted kids, for rescue missions, medical supplies, vet expenses.  We all know how heartbreaking and tough it is even for people together yet, we as animal lovers keep moving forward. Helping in anyway possible that we can. We respect such warriors who without support move forward and doesn’t think of the expense or consequence.

We all know , we can hold are heart strong and still keep helping animals. But, It’s the worst when we don’t have food, medical supplies, money for animal rescues and vet expenses. At the end of the day, we are living in a practical world. However, We  should salute such warriors like “ Vibhuti Sharma Anand” , even in a cracking point when She feels, she’s tired and might die. But, she wants to keep fighting for the animals till her last breath.

This woman’s needs are only for the animals in her vicinity for , food, medicines, rescue missions and vet expenses. ( Every month, she keeps requesting for donations’ in cash or kind. Please, for everyone who value life. Please donate in anyway possible. There’s no demand. There’s only request.

Her details are given below. We all are human.  We should stand by a Human to not feel , She’s alone in this.

Kind request.  Please donate if not in cash in kind. Especially, a request to all lovers of animals.

You all will fall in love with her soul and her work . Please check her FB profile. 

We need all your love and kindness , which won’t cost you so much as much as it will make a difference in the life of the Mother, who’s taking the responsibilities  of all animal kids around her  and her children. Lets help a Mother stand to help all our animal kids we can’t help. She’s doing her part. We can at least , support this woman of love, compassion and a kindred heart to not cry and die seeing she can’t help animals as she’s not financially capable .

The details to help:

#Puppy #cerelac ( 15 packets)
200 kg rice/month (26rs kg)
150kg atta/month (20rs kg)
20kg moong daal sabut /month(50rs kg)
30kg dalia /month (20rs kg)
1 and a half gas cylinder /month �
Cow feed 1 sack full of /month/40 kg /1100rs

If someone's interested in helping my furries ...They can directly send over on my address or either can help monetarily �

There are so many untold things that also require money ....�that i rarely asked for

Medicated Shampoos ... Medicines ...Sprays ... Treatment... transportation...
Cowfeed.... Electricity bills .....Leashes ...Collars ....Sacks ...Blankets ...Bed sheets ..... charpaayees....Rescues♥��

And that don't require money and don't need to be sunged , is my restless days and nights .. my physical energy consumption 24×7 ....My Love and care ...♥��

I think no need to tell again that i live in a place that has not even proper roads ... No medical facilities.....Almost jungle area ...among ignorant non compassionate people .......Seems beautiful and serene but quite difficult to manage specially when you want to dwell along with your passion....Farming is the only occupation...

Please help in any way you can .... It's our moral responsibility .... 

A heartiest request for you all ....


Vibhuti anand
Village Taprubai
VPO Jallugram
Tehsil Bhuntar manikaran valley
Pin code 175105
India �
Help guys

Paytm number 8219347019

Account details

Vibhuti Anand
Oriental bank of commerce
Account number
1821 241 3000 221
Ifsc code ORBC 0101821






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