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De-clawing cats is inhumane and should be illegal.

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Everyday, somewhere in the United States, there is something happening that needs to stop. Dozens of irresponsible cat owners are having them de-clawed. To a cat this is the cruelest thing you could do, because for those who don't know how it happens I'll post a link to help you understand. This is one of the worst things you can do to a cat, the medical complications and physical agony that it causes these animals is unnecessary. As a cat owner myself I love my cat and I'll deal with his clawing at the furniture or clawing on my hands to be playful because his life is more valuable than material possessions. I hear a lot about of people who want them declawed because of their precious furniture, and to me that's not right, there are many alternatives to having to de-claw. I'm calling for an end to this cruel surgery and making the statement right now, If you can't handle all the things that cats do to be who they are then don't get one. I have a cat, he is roughly 7 months old and he's still being trained to not scratch what he shouldn't be. My solution is simple, I'm getting him a cat tree for him to play and scratch on.


As a result of this petition I deliver another proposal, if you want to have your cat declawed then you have to go through the same agony that they are forced to go through as well and have the fingers on your dominant hand cut off at the knuckles. In addition to that I ask that anyone who does so gets put on a list, similar to anot offenders list, but this list will let everyone know that you are a danger to cats and are not to be trusted around them for a period of timeto be determined by a judge for animal cruelty.

Please let's stop this unnecessary act and start treating our cats as we would. End declawing.

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