Remove ALL Animals from the Puppy Killer's Home/Tonya Fea

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Tonya Fea was arrested for the murder of Jenny, a 10 week old puppy in a West Milford pond in NJ.  Detectives followed several leads and Fea was fingered as the culprit.  While she did confess to placing the pup in the water she tried saying the the dog was already dead.  However, an autopsy proved that the dog died due to drowning and this was directly caused by Fea's actions.

The dog was found in the water by a local rescue group and named, Jenny.  Tonya Fea was arrested but she has been released from custody and is slated to appear in court to face these charges on May 22.

The issue now is that prior to her locking down her social media accounts, it was discovered that at least two more dogs were living in the Fea home at the time of the murder.  It is imperative that these dogs be removed immediately to get them out of danger.  Fea has already shown herself to be a feckless and and calculating cold blooded killer.  It would be beyond tragic to see the other dogs meet the same fate.  She has shown herself to be irresponsible and incompetent with animals entrusted to her care.  The Passaic County Prosecutor & the Jefferson Township Pound needs to seize these and any other animals living in that home as long as this dangerous criminal is on the premises.