Making and enforcing stricter laws against animal abusers in India

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In today's world the growing violence against animals in India is increasing at an appalling rate. One of the most recent incidents that shock animal lovers was a pregnant elephant who in her search for food was fed a pineapple covered in firecrackers.  No one has been held responsible for this incident. It is disgusting to see our justice system fail our four legged friends. 

There seems to be no humanity left in India when we hear about people muzzling and killing 90 dogs in a forest area outside Maharashtra or tying a dog to rocks and throwing him into a lake for a mere tiktok video.

The number of stray dogs and cats being hit by cars or bikes and being left to die on road is increasing everyday. The worst part of it all is that neither the police nor the government is doing anything to bring these living being to justice. 

It is time that we use our power and speak up for our helpless friends by signing this petition and forcing the government authorities to make and more importantly enforce stricter laws against these merciless animal abusers.

We understand that there are laws in place against animal abusers, However, the enforcement has to be more vigilant. Authorities have to start respecting the lives animals and punish those who violate animal rights or harm animals in any way.

We want justice. #Animalrights