Join the Fight to Save the White Tiger, Before They’re All Gone.

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      Click Here For Borneo Pygmy Elephant Petition.  Click Here For Cheetah Petition. We are three students in Grade 6 who are interested in supporting the white tigers and helping them recover from the brink of extinction. Our goal is to reach 5,000 signatures so we can stop slaughter of white tiger cubs if they don't turn out symmetrical. We want to get this petition in front of someone who could make a big change in the number of white tigers in the world. There are only around 200 white tigers left—all in zoos and sanctuaries. These tigers should live in the wild, but people need to know not to hunt them. The last white tiger living in the wild was shot in 1958. If we get enough signatures we could possibly change laws to enforce training and release for the white tigers. We want people to know and care. The only problem is that white tigers will likely never be able to live in the wild because they have lost their camouflage, their brain is wired a differently (for instance, all white tigers are cross-eyed), and through so much cross-breeding, they’ve lost their survival instincts. The reason is it’s so easy to keep them captive and use them is because they are dependent on us. The only way for them to survive in the wild is for us to take newborns and slowly train them with a new hunting tactic and perhaps give them a better habitat for their new coat color. This would not only be hard to do but also to convince the government to do it. There is more than one way to save the white tigers, but whatever we choose, we’re going to need your help with supporting the white tigers—but not just by signing this petition. Contact zoos and sanctuaries that have white tigers and ask them how they treat their tigers and if they had declined “deformed” tigers before accepting the “proper” white tigers. Please support the white tigers!